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  • When & where can I get my hands on a RUNNER putter ?
    The RUNNER is currently in its final stage of developement. It 'll be available in June 2022 after R&A final approval. RUNNER SAS is presently looking for distributors. Initially the RUNNERS will be sold online and shipped worldwide.
  • Can I modify my RUNNER's order ?
    Of course, before we launch production of the RUNNER's FIRST EDITION, we'll contact you to confirm your order and configuration
  • Where will the RUNNERS be made ?
    The RUNNERS will be made in Normandy, France.
  • What is going on with those movable weights ?
    One of the principal innovation of the RUNNER putter is that you can slide the two weights from the heel to the toe. This allows you to change the putter's center of gravity & inertia easier than any other putter on the market. This will influence your putting arc, path, face opening and touch. That way you'll be able to match your natural stroke.
  • How do I set those weights properly ?
    First of all, every RUNNER will be sold with its matching wrench. There will be 2 ways of fitting the RUNNER. -First one is the Self-fitting method. A user manual will be provided to help you find your first standard setting. We are also working on an AR app to help you vizualize how the weights influence your stroke. -Second one would be to have your RUNNER fitted by a professional using tools like SAMPUTTLAB or CAPTO sensors. That way you can get additionnal data on how the weights infuence your putting. But do not hesitate to play around, because your putting is a little bit different every day and the best feel is the most important.
  • Is it legal ?
    The RUNNER is currently assessed by the R&A in Saint Andrews. We'll get the final approval before we launch production. The RUNNER is complying with every lines of the Equipment Standards in the rules of Golf. Like drivers, the only rule you must follow concerning adjustability is not changing the settings during a round of golf, from the 1st tee to the 18th green.
  • Can I upgrade my RUNNER later ?
    Of course, that's an other innovation of this product. You'll be able to buy & upgrade : - new FACES (3°,4°,Curved) >> Available in June - new WEIGHTS (12g, 18g, 24g, 30g) >> Available in June - new BACK SHAPES >> Available Early 2023 (See prototypes on news feed & Instagram) - new COLORS >> Available Early 2023 ( As every parts are made out of Aluminum, we'll be able to anodize it in a range of new colors)
  • I'm a professionnal retailer and I want to sell RUNNERS, How does it work ?"
    Feel free to contact us at We'll inform you on the terms, conditions and partnership opportunities.

Thanks for reaching out​We'll get back to you soon

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